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What is Presbyopia?

What is Presbyopia?


When your eyes were young, your natural lens was both transparent and flexible. Because of this, your vision was most likely stable until you reached your forties. Around that time, you may have noticed that you had to hold a menu or a book further and further away to read it. Many people end up wearing a pair of reading glasses or bifocals to compensate for this aging of the eye. This condition is called "presbyopia" and eventually affects everyone, including those who are nearsighted, farsighted, have cataracts, or had perfect vision most of their life.

RestorAt the end of a cataract operation, the surgeon inserts an intraocular lens implant in place of the original cataract to help the eye focus, typically for far vision with the near vision out of focus without glasses. This lens is a monofocal lens, which only focuses at one distance. So patients must wear glasses for reading and near tasks. Patients have the option to correct for both far and near vision with a special type of lens called presbyopic lens. There are a few variations of these lenses including, ReSTOR, ReZOOM, Tecnis multifocal, and Crystalens. Among these lenses, Dr. Lee prefers and has the most experience with ReSTOR since its approval by the FDA in March of 2005. There have been multiple ongoing design improvements ever since.