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Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery

Lee Surgery Center is equipped with the latest equipment and technology for cataract surgery including the LenSx Laser and the Centurion Vision System, an advanced microscope with video hook-up for patient family viewing. The surgeon programs the laser (LenSx) to make all the incisions, and to create a perfectly sized capsulotomy (a front opening in the clear capsule or the wrapping around the lens). This process makes the position of the lens implant more consistent and predictable. It also softens up the cataract so it requires less energy usage in the eye, and treats astigmatism. Once the cataract is removed, the ORA System is used to verify the lens implant power/prescription prior to picking and placing the implants in the eye. Overall, Lensx laser-assisted cataract surgery in combination with the ORA System measurement, provides better precision and more accurate post-operative visual outcome than traditional cataract surgery. It uses half the amount of ultrasound energy inside the eye, therefore causing less stress to the inner lining of the cornea.